1. Request an application form from COPE (email: or call 705-734-2673). This request must be from the individual who hopes to receive the dog, not from a friend, relative or associate.  
  2. An application package will be sent to the person applying for the service dog. A $100 non-refundable application fee must accompany the completed application. 
  3. Following our review of your application, the applicant will be contacted for an interview and a pre-interview form will be sent.  Priority will be given to applicants residing in our primary operation area which is 3 hours from Barrie Ontario and within Canada
  4. An interview will be arranged with the applicant at their home address, during weekdays only between the office hours of 9am – 5pm which must include all household members, we may also require to conduct an interview at your place of work.  A $100 non-refundable interview fee plus mileage must accompany the completed pre-interview form.
  5. After the interview and upon approval, applicants will receive a formal acceptance letter and be added to the waiting list for team training.
  6. When a suitable dog is available, the applicant will be informed of the dates of the mandatory pre-graduate team training course known as the client training camp, which consists of two weeks, usually in early July.  The Team Training Fee is $3300.  An $800 non-refundable portion of this is due prior to attending Team Training (usually in July).  The balance of $2500, also non-refundable, is due on the first Friday of Team TrainingIn addition, the applicant is responsible for their travel and accommodation related to the training camp. 

Please note that applications are not being accepted at this time.

Contact COPE Service Dogs for an application:

Send an email to:

or Call: 705-734-2673

The actual cost to raise and train a COPE Service Dog for two years before placement is $30,000.  We therefore appreciate our clients helping COPE Service Dogs raise funds to contribute towards the cost of their service dog; however, this is not required. 

 COPE Service Dogs can guide those applicants who are in financial need by directing the applicant to organizations for funding such as service clubs, or crowdfunding, to fully or partially cover the financial obligations of acquiring a COPE Service Dog.    

 COPE Service Dogs will maintain ownership of the Service (Mobility) Dog, however, may elect to transfer ownership of the dog after five-years of placement. This will be contingent on the client’s compliance with all terms signed under the Partner Agreement and will be reviewed by COPE Service Dogs. 

Fees that the applicant / client will be responsible for include:

  1. $100 non-refundable application fee – to be received with the application.
  2. $100 non-refundable interview fee plus mileage (should the application be accepted and moving to the interview stage).
  3. $3300 for Team Training once a dog is available and suitable for the client (Non-refundable $800 of which is due prior to attending Team Training – usually in July; non-refundable balance of $2,500 due the first Friday of team training)
COPE Unleashes Potential COPE Service Dogs depends on the generosity of its donors and sponsors to maintain programs which benefit a broad number of people in the community. These include: high school students faced with challenges; elementary school students who struggle with reading; seniors who may be isolated in hospitals or institutions; and life partners with disabilities, whose quality of life and independence are improved through their bond with a service dog life partner. Over 40 people are helped by each service dog-in-training even before they make a profound difference in the life of a person with disabilities. We are very grateful to our sponsors whose ongoing support allows us to make a difference in the lives of so many! VIEW OUR STORY ON YOUTUBE PATRONS: GEORGE AND SUSAN COHON George and Susan Cohon George and Susan Cohon, Founders, McDonald’s Canada and Russia In 2011, long-time supporters George and Susan Cohon, Founders of McDonald’s Canada and Russia, made a further commitment to the community and to COPE by becoming our first Patrons. The Cohon’s first became aware of COPE when a golden retriever they took home from one of COPE’s breeding partners did not seem to be a fit for their family. “Gentle Ben” was donated to COPE, where he went on to a successful life partnership with Krista. The Cohon’s were impressed by the impact that COPE has on youth, those with disabilities and the elderly, and went on to sponsor three puppies through Ronald McDonald House Charities: Big Mac (partnered with Shelby), Golden Arches (partnered with Calum) and McFlurry (in training). Mr. Cohon said: “Anything we can do to help COPE we’d love to, because we really respect and love the organization” Along with our other corporate and individual sponsors, COPE’s Patrons, the Cohons will help us to help many more people in the future. Our heartfelt thanks from everyone at COPE!