1. Express your interest in hosting a facility dog by emailing: or by calling 1-705-734-COPE (2673), extension 221
2. Complete Application Form
a. Fill out the application form and return it to COPE Service Dogs by email at or by mail to COPE Service Dogs at PO Box 20035, Barrie, ON L4M 6E9
b. Confirm your organization’s financial capacity to host a facility dog
3. Telephone Interview
a. Speak with a COPE Service Dogs team member about your needs and interest
b. Generally, this occurs within 12 weeks after an application is received
4. Assignment to the initial waiting list
a. Based on your application and the telephone interview, be placed on a preliminary waiting list for a future decision, or be declined
5. Personal Interview at the Facility
a. Meet in person at your facility with a COPE Service Dogs team member to discuss your interest and evaluate the dog’s temperament requirements and discuss costs
b. Depending on dog availability, this may occur any time between 12 weeks and 12 months or longer
6. Home Interview(s) of the Primary Caretaker(s)
a. A COPE Service Dogs team member will visit the home(s) of the caretakers with all household members and pets present to ensure the optimal fit for the Facility Dog and your family.
7. Selection Review
a. The COPE Service Dogs team will review your application and determine if your organization will be approved to receive a facility dog, be placed on a waiting list, or be declined
b. COPE will select the host by determining the greatest impact the dog may have and future
association with COPE may play a factor
c. References may be requested
d. Selection is entirely dependent on facility dog availability
8. Notification of Selection
a. A COPE representative will contact you to advise whether your application has been successful or not.
b. If successful, you will be forwarded a Facility Dog Agreement for review. You will sign the agreement upon successfully completed Team Training.
9. Invitation to Team Training
a. Upon acceptance of hosting a facility dog and a dog match is found, you will be invited to a 11-business day team training course to make sure you and your colleagues know how to work with a facility dog.
b. You will be responsible for the costs of transportation, accommodation and meals while attending the team training in Barrie, ON.
10. Taking your Facility Dog home
Please note that COPE Service Dogs prioritizes placing Facility dogs in the Simcoe County area and locations where we operate

REVISED: February 2019

COPE Service Dogs’ approach to placing a Facility dog focuses on three major areas: the facility; the handler
(the person(s) handling the dog at work) and primary caretaker (the person(s) who will be the dog’s
caregiver/look after and be responsible for the dog at home); and the dog’s role in your facility.

A Facility Dog is a certified working dog that can provide support, therapy and/or education in the
workplace and is paired with an employee or employees to help better serve your clients. The Facility Dog
is allowed at the place of work as permitted by the employer, however, the handler of the dog does not
have legal rights to access public places or use public facilities (such as public transportation) with the
Facility Dog. The public access rules for pet dogs applies to the Facility Dog outside of the work place.

COPE Service Dogs serves within a 3-hour driving radius of Barrie, ON within the Canadian border. We
prioritize in placing Facility dogs in the Simcoe County area and locations where we operate. There are
often significant wait lists for Service and Facility dogs and occasionally we close our waiting list due to high

For assistance, please contact or call 1-705-734-COPE (2673). Once completed, the
application should be submitted to
It is recommended that the proposed handler submit the application.

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