Help COPE raise funds by hosting a fundraising event and donating the proceeds to COPE

From car washes to golf tournaments to birthday parties, your event could benefit the COPE program and help us continue the work we are doing to support COPE high school student teams.

Here are some ideas…

  • Any excuse for fundraising parties…. Ask your attendees to give a donation at the door, offer the profits of money raised during the event, put out donation boxes, charge teams an entry fee.
  • Birthday Parties – ask your guests to give a donation to COPE instead of (or as well as) gifts.  Visit and find COPE under “Charities” and “Animals”
  • Bowling challenges (challenge your friends and neighbours’ teams to compete and raise money)
  • Casino nights
  • Car Washes (a great student fundraising activity)
  • Dragon Boat teams
  • Garage sales with proceeds to COPE
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Holiday parties
  • Live Auctions (or silent)…. Try a new theme, e.g.
    • Get suppliers or other businesses to donate new auction gifts
    • Bring your favourite recycled gift to auction off
    • Bid on the really bad auction item you DON’T want to take home (like a shower gift from the 1940s, any velvet painting or coffee cups from the 60’s)
  • Old fashioned Bake Sale
  • PayPal donations on your website
  • Portion of your company’s product sales donated to COPE
  • Sell T-shirts or apparel (with approved COPE logo or puppy images)
  • Walks, runs, crawls, tricycle races, mock Olympics
  • Wine tastings

We appreciate all your efforts to help support our programs – thank you!