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Join COPE’s Buddy Paddles or Walks  Simcoe

Due to the spread of COVID-19 COPE Service Dogs has had to make a few adjustments this year, but we are ready to go!  We hope you will join us for our virtually paw-some event. We might not be able to paddle or walk together but spiritually we are all going to scratch some grass!

On Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 grab your paddles and join COPE for a fun day wherever you are! If paddling is not for you, consider joining us by just walking with your family and dog.  Post your photos on facebook and Instagram using #buddypaddlessimcoe. Let’s flood social media with our paddles and smiles.  More than ever COPE needs your support!

Here’s How it Works!

Check out and pick one of our 20 dogs below that you would like to walk or paddle for. Fundraise for your dog all you can. There is no minimum or maximum, but when you see our dogs’ faces, you will want to go for it!  We cannot wait to see which one of our dogs is Buddy’s Bestie of 2020. On August 22, 2020 post your photos to facebook or Instagram #buddypaddlessimcoe. There is also an easy option to create your own fundraising page.

Bragging rights will go to:  

Buddy’s Bestie: Dog with the most funds raised in total

Buddy’s BFF:  Dog with second highest funds raised

Buddy’s Buddy: Dog with third highest funds raised


  1. Click on the photo of the dog(s) you would like to support.
  2. Fill out the form, make your donation and check back to see how your dog is doing on the road to becoming Buddy’s Bestie!
  3. Click “Create my own fundraising page”: If you would like to customize your favourite COPE dog’s page and send to your friends. (please note: you will receive an email where you can customize your page, send the email back and you will receive your final email with your link (scroll down).


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Who is Buddy? One of COPE’s first Canines in the Classroom dogs who has retired after almost 13 years of helping youth improve their mental health, deal with anxiety, gain confidence, learn leadership skills and become engaged in school. Buddy has left his job to 20 other COPE dogs who need your support.

For more information please contact Kim Jeffery at kim@copedogs.org or 705-791-5703

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