Meet Trooper – March 2020

While we are all pulling together during these trying times, we thought it might cheer everyone up with a weekly visit with one of COPE’s amazing future service//facility dogs. Just like humans, each of our dogs have a very unique personality and story. Enjoy!
Meet COPE Service Dogs’ Trooper
Our boy Trooper is almost 2 years old and had a very interesting beginning! He was born to ‘Ears Eyes Nose and Paws’ in North Carolina and was identified by his collar colour of orange. Only a few weeks old, he was placed with an inmate in the Warren Correctional Institute as part of their ‘At Both Ends of the Leash’ program where he was looked after him until he was ready to travel.
Trooper then joined COPE Service Dogs where in began his training in our community.
name ‘Trooper’ was given to him by a great supporter of COPE.
Trooper loves training with students in our Canines in the Classroom program. He excels with the tugging aspect so pulling open doors, fridge and cabinets is his ultimate favourite.
‘Reading Buddy’ with elementary students is another program Trooper takes part in. He adores the young students reading to him and sharing hugs.
Before COVID-19 Part of COPE’s refinement training included being out and about in many social situations. Karaoke with his foster Mom was the top of Trooper’s list.
Trooper is also
a honorary member of the Rotaract Club of Barrie.
Trooper training on the bus
…and they called it Puppy Love
Trooper shortly after arriving at COPE
Trooper (noun)
Somebody who overcomes or helps someone in a tough situation.
When not out and about in the community, Trooper can be found in his favourite place, the bathtub.
Trooper’s Picks
Movies: and Shows:
Barking Bad, Jurassic Bark
Tail of Two Cities
Your Weekly Smile
Q: What do you get when you cross a dog and a calculator?
A: A friend you can count on.
This Week’s Indoor Game to Keep Your Dog Stimulated
Hide and Seek. Whether you are hiding a treat, a favourite toy, or hiding in another area of the house yourself, dogs enjoy the fun of the hunt.
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