Meet Magic – April 2020

While we are all pulling together during these trying times, we thought it might cheer everyone up with a weekly visit with one of COPE’s amazing future service/facility dogs. Just like humans, each of our dogs has a very unique personality and story. Enjoy!
Meet COPE Service Dogs’ Magic
Magic was born in April 2019 to COPE’s very own McHappy. Her collar colour was yellow, giving her the nickname of Buttercup. Her official name Magic came from a wonderful sponsor whose husband has been an avid magician since youth. Such a fitting name for the work Magic will be doing in the future.
Once old enough to leave her litter, Magic lived with her temporary foster family at a cottage on Georgian Bay for the summer. Here Magic learned to love boating, swimming, the great outdoors and her basic obedience.
As well as taking part in COPE’s ‘Canines in the Classroom’ and ‘Reading Buddy’ programs, Magic goes to work with her foster dad at a law firm. Clients and staff alike, love having her around. She enjoys sitting with clients and keeping them calm during sometimes stressful meetings. Last
week, Magic
helped a young child who was having a difficult time expressing their feelings. Once sitting with Magic difficult words just came tumbling out. Since then the child has been able to communicate to others more.
Magic loves training! She is very calm, obedient and very willing to please. Her favourite command is ‘down-wait’. Climbing stairs are a challenge for her, but she is working on overcoming her hesitation.
In her free time Magic can be found playing with her orange ball or waking her foster dad up at 6:30 am. Sleeping-in is Magic’s least favourite thing to do.
Magic loving her yoga time with her Foster Parent Matt
Magic’ s First Christmas
I am a good ambassador for COPE. I can use these skills in other situations like when I’m with family. I know to act proper and to not be silly and goofy. I need to take responsibility for my own actions so that I am a good ambassador for my family too.
(Student in COPE’s Canines in the Classroom program)
Magic and her student trainer in COPE’s Canines in the Classroom program
Our beautiful girl Magic
MPP Doug Downey holding Magic
As part of the Canines in the Classroom Program, Magic attends COPE’s Reading Buddy program in elementary schools
‘s Picks
Puptown Girl
Meowly Cyrus
Visiting the Barking Lot
Your Weekly Smile
Q: Why are dogs like phones?
A: Because they have collar IDs.
This Week’s Indoor Game to
Keep Your Dog Happy
Playing a game of tug-a-war is one of the best ways to engage in meaningful play with our dogs. It’s a great way to mentally and physically exercise your dog. And since it doesn’t require a ton of room you can play it indoors.
Contrary to what some people say playing tug will not make your dog aggressive and letting them win will not make them dominant.
Letting your dog win just makes the game more fun for your dog and it will encourage them to play more.
Tug is a great way to exercise your dog if you have your dog follow a few basic rules such as “the game stops if your teeth touch my hand.”
Please note: This game is for pet dogs only. COPE uses ‘tug’ as a task for their mobility training and should not be used at home.
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