Meet Kyle – June 2020

While we are all pulling together during these trying times, we thought it might cheer everyone up with a weekly visit with one of COPE’s amazing future service/facility dogs. Just like humans, each of our dogs has a very unique personality and story. Enjoy!
Meet COPE Service Dogs’ Kyle
“I Won’t Let Go”
by Rascal Flatts
I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you’ve done all you can do
If you can’t
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I won’t let go.
Puppy Kyle with her purple collar
A beautiful blonde, Kyle is the daughter of COPE’s McHappy. When she was born Kyle was given a collar colour of royal purple, hence her nickname Princess. Her first summer was spent with her temporary Foster Mom Jo-Anne, travelling with two family dogs to PEI. During her vacation Kyle learned to frolic on the beach and had a blast keeping up with her older, canine companions.
Kyle now lives with Foster Mom Connie, a cat, a rabbit and fellow canines Casa and Maple. To say she loves and gets along with other animals is an understatement. She has grown into a super friendly, curious and all-round happy-go-lucky girl.
Kyle’s name was bestowed upon her by Kylemore Communities. Established in 1997, Kylemore Communities has earned a reputation as a designer and builder of innovative new communities and luxury homes. Kylemore’s passion for community building is also expressed in its commitment to support charities and non-profit organizations. “COPE Service Dogs is a small organization that has a big impact on the lives of many and Kylemore is a proud to sponsor Kyle.”
When it comes to training, Kyle is in her element! She is smart, calm and collected. Kyle is very focused and not easily distracted. Amazingly so, she is smart enough to train humans, which means Kyle is brilliant enough to manipulate people at times, if not checked. 
In her spare time, Kyle enjoys swimming, trail walks and posing for photos in special occasion attire. 
Kyle loves training and is always so attentive
“COPE has given me strength, knowledge and hope. Before the dogs came to our school, I didn’t like going to my classes. Now everything is different.”
Student Trainer in COPE’s Canine in the Classroom program
Kyle and her Foster Mom Connie
Kyle and her temporary Foster Mom Jo-Anne
Kyle pictured here with her buddies on St. Patrick’s Day
Kyle snapd in training – getting use to the sound and sight of a drone
Our Princess Kyle
Kyle loves snuggling with people and friends alike
 and the Sorcerer’s Bone
Bucket List:
To have b
reakfast at Sniff-anys
Favourite Car:
Your Weekly Howl
Q: Why doesn’t anyone want to work for dogs?
A: They hound their employees
This Weeks Tip to Keep Your Dog Stimulated
Walking your dog is good exercise
, but it can get boring if you just stick to the same route. Try to take different routes. Explore new neighbourhoods and change your pace. Walk through a park, forest or along a lake. The smell of different surroundings will help mentally stimulate your dog. This also gives your pet something new to look forward to every time you go out
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