COPE Service Dogs Update:
Making a Difference
Struggling with the global pandemic, COPE Service Dogs continues to strive for normality. Our non-profit organization has explored virtual opportunities and is thrilled to announce the graduation of our 2018 litter. Many thanks to our trainers and volunteers who have reached outside of the box to make this happen. To our unwavering Fosters, Sponsors and Supporters, look at what you have accomplished! 
I am Saint and I have big paws to fill!
I am thrilled to be a successor service dog for my Life Partner Stephanie as she retires Flare, a former COPE dog.
Stephanie was born with an omphalocele. That means her organs grow on the outside of her body. Steph has intestinal failure, so she (most of the time) is dependent on IV for her nutrition and fluids. I will retrieve items when she can’t get out of bed and help her stand steady and walk. I will guide her wheelchair, but most of all, I will give her strength.
I couldn’t have done this if it weren’t for the love and support I received from my Fosters, Sharon, Stephanie and Bruce.
I would also like to send out the most loving tail wag to the Samsara Saints for sponsoring and believing in me!
I am so proud that I have been placed with my fur-ever Life Partner Sacha.
My two years of training have paid off and here I am starting my journey. Sacha is 19 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. Confined to a wheelchair, it is my job to help Sacha with day to day tasks that will include retrieving, guiding his wheelchair and helping him sleep.
I am loving being Sacha’s companion. Our bond grows stronger everyday. Sacha will never be alone as long as I am around.
This love story about a boy and his dog couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my always supportive Sponsor Tracey from ZuZu Fashion Boutique and of course the love that was heaped on me by my Fosters Tracy and Jay.
Hi! My name is Trooper. I have joined the Hospice Orillia team after completing two years of training through the COPE Service Dogs program.
I am excited to be working with both the Volunteer Visitors and the Bereavement Services programs. I can’t wait to give comfort to clients, family and staff that need it.
A massive thank you to my anonymous sponsor for seeing my pet-tential!
I want to send a special hug out to my Foster Mom Tanya for all her love and hard work!
I’m Lola and I have been placed at Matthews House Hospice in Alliston.
I will be offering comfort to families and staff through the journey of illness and grief. I will also be lending a paw to the different programs that include counselling, day programs and palliative care.
Thanks to a generous, anonymous sponsor, I completed my two years of training while being loved to pieces by my Fosters Tracy and Jay.
People keep telling me I am perfect and I have to agree! After completing extensive testing, that I aced, I have been approved as a future breeder for COPE Service Dogs.
I am looking forward to many little COPE paws in the future.
A special shout out to my Fosters Deborah and Andrew for helping to make me as wonderful as I am!
Chancey here! I am so excited to be permanently placed in COPE Service Dogs’ Canines in the Classroom program. I help students earn high school credits while they train service dogs. I have a big heart and room to love the hundreds of kids that I will be helping in the future.
I would like to thank my wonderful, anonymous sponsor, my incredible Fosters Lucia and Rob and our special van Drivers that take me to school every week!
Puppy Foster
noun, plural/puppies/fosters
[faw-ster, fos-ter]
  • to love with all your heart and give unselfishly to others in need.
  • to care for or cherish.
  • to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage
“Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.”
-Dr. Suess
If you are interested in fostering or volunteering for COPE Service Dogs please email
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