Sierra Sunshine – back in the Air – July 11, 2021

by Peggy Lee

Back in the airport after 17 months. Flying with Sierra Sunshine to Edmonton as #dogswithwings is hosting her next breeding and whelping. A big thank you to volunteer James Goodhand for providing us with the opportunity to fly on standby with Air Canada. And greatly appreciate the wonderful ground and air crew of Air Canada for assisting us on AC165. Fellow passengers sitting beside us on the flight were generous with their floor space so I can put my feet just outside the boundary of mine to give Sierra more room. Heather of Dogs with Wings Assistance Dog Society came to pick up Sierra. Heather was there at the whelping of Sierra and her littermates, they spent a lot of time together for the first 8 weeks of her life. Sierra recognized Heather right the way! Once I have given her permission to greet Heather, she was rubbing her body all over Heather. She was so happy to have come home. Sierra will stay there for a few months, hope to come back to COPE in a few months as a new mom.



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